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Music Lessons 

Lanta Gras Co. provides scholarships for students to participate in free music lessons at Guitar Shed located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

About Guitar Shed

Guitar Shed is a modern music school located in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. Guitar Shed was founded in 2015 with the intent to offer a unique educational experience and an emphasis on lifelong learning. Guitar Shed provides high-quality customized instruction in a relaxed environment that is optimal for learning. With a diverse set of teachers and instruments, Guitar Shed welcomes students of all ages and abilities. We teach private lessons for guitar, piano, violin, drums, ukulele, voice, banjo, bass, cello, and mandolin.


Guitar Shed employs 19 teachers and enriches the lives and educations of over 300 students with lessons and several performance opportunities throughout the year.

Guitar Shed offers summer camps and recitals throughout the year. 

Now teaching all students by virtual lessons! 

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