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Evan Lee Frayer Dedication and Thanks

Evan loved spreading the joy of music. In lieu of flowers, donations were given to Lanta Gras to celebrate Evan's life. We receive very generous donations of over $3000 with deep thanks and honor. His legacy will support almost two music scholarships to kids in our music program.

Here are a few incredible words that donors, his friends and family, shared about Evan:

"Evan Frayer was so generous to everyone. I know he would love for Atlanta children to receive instruments."

"May his spirit lift up children with music."

"May the power of music live on in memory of Evan Lee Frayer."

"Will certainly miss Evan's love of music and passion for the arts! Honored to make a contribution in his memory."

Thank you to all of our family, friends and especially Wasted Potential Brass Band, Mudcat and Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School Family. Evan loved all of you.

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