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Lanta Gras Lessons Go Virtual!

Written By Parker Smith, Guitar Shed Owner

Parker Smith, Guitar Shed Owner, Lanta Gras Board Member Teaching a Virtual Lesson!

On the whole, virtual lessons have been going great. We get the opportunity to know our students on a more personal level by meeting their pets, seeing their music rooms and home setups, and continuing to see and speak to each other in a time when social interaction is at a lull. We are even in the process of putting together our first virtual student showcase! The collective effort by our staff, teachers, and students to facilitate our new operation has been impressive and we are so appreciative of everybody’s hard work.

Below are some testimonials from some of our recent virtual lessons:

“I just wanted to say everything was great. Skype worked well on our end and Finn was engaged and learned 2 new songs! Charlie had his lesson with Max today as well and Zoom was awesome. I loved how Max could put up the music on the screen instead of us having to prop it up next to him. Thanks for making online lessons work. Keeping some semblance of normalcy in our lives through all this chaos was really helpful.” -Nancy

“You and Guitar Shed have brought me so much joy. Thank you for all you do.” -Sara

“Continuing my lessons during this time is a source of great peace and normalcy. Chris does an awesome job of making this work well. Not only am I continuing to drive my piano abilities, I get to keep another weekly connection. Thank you, Chris and Guitar Shed, for enriching this time for me.” -Wende

"Thanks for making this an option, we very much want to continue to support the business (and instructors!) we care about and love having an option to continue." -Jessica

"We are so happy that lessons are continuing online. It is something to look forward to that is not homeschooling!" -Suellen

"We had our first virtual lesson with Hoberdan last Friday and it went great! The lesson started right on time, the connection was great, and Charlie loved seeing his teacher. It was very well done and we are very happy with this new virtual experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested." -Brittany

"I assumed that online would not work well for a child of Diana’s age, but actually just the opposite is true. I think that online pianos lessons can really work for her.Another case of kids teaching us again that they can adapt to anything and it is the grown-ups that are the problem…" -Mike

"Thank you for this! Max has been so great — it’s really done wonders to have that lesson to look forward to at the end of each week." -Erin

For more information on virtual lessons, visit

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