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Music Program Application Process

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

We have formalized the Lanta Gras scholarship process:


Priority is given to children who attend public school in the Atlanta Public School’s Jackson Cluster and/or reside in the NPU-O neighborhoods of Kirkwood, East Lake and Edgewood.

Children outside APS’s Jackson Cluster or who live outside of NPU-O neighborhoods may also apply.

Parents/guardians who are employed within the NPU-O zone in the following professions: schools (pre-K through 12), first responders (Police, Fire and Rescue) and military service.

Scholarship completed and submitted via the Online Scholarship Form.

Application Process

  • Rolling application open all year.

  • Awards given twice a year at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters.


Fall Award Cycle

  • Lessons begin after Labor Day

Spring Award Cycle

  • Attend the Lanta Gras parade on January 25, 2020

  • Lessons begin late March/After Spring Break


At month 10, a student interested in renewing their scholarship, must fill out the Renewal Application.

The student must also have a letter of review from the music program teacher from those previous 10 months


  • Private music lesson scholarship for one year

  • Musical instrument, if applicable

Selection Criteria

  • Schools within the Atlanta Public School’s Jackson Cluster residence and/or parent/guardian first responder or military involvement

  • Free reduced lunch

  • Interest and aspirations to be a part of the Lanta Gras Music Program

  • Preferred 4th-12th grades, younger candidates may be considered

  • Commitment to the scholarship awards which includes 70% or higher attendance over the year

  • Instrument interest fit for the lessons offered

  • Parent/guardian income level

  • Recommendation Letters

Selection of recipients is made by the Lanta Gras Board of Directors, managed by the Music Program Committee.

Scholarship Recipient Commitment

Attendance Policy and Expectations for the student/scholarship recipient.

1. March & Perform in the Annual Lanta Gras Parade the last Saturday of January.

2. Attend Weekly Music Lessons each semester with 70% attendance records, with the ability to reschedule up to 3 private lessons per year. Parents/guardians are not permitted to participate in the weekly lessons.

  • If a student’s attendance is ever below 70%

  • A Music Committee Representative fills out and emails the Student’s Parent the Grace Period Information, and Guitar Shed prints the Grace Period Information and sends it home printed with the student.

  • If during the grace period attendance is maintained at or above 70%, the scholarship will continue.

  • If the student falls below 70%, then a review meeting or call is set in place with the parent.

  • The student’s attendance is reviewed and the scholarship is revoked.

  • If the parent refuses to have the meeting or call within two weeks after the grace period, the board has the right to automatically revoke the scholarship.

  • The student can apply again for the following semester.

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship has a rolling application window that is always open; however, the board and reviewing committee awards applicants twice a year.

The Lanta Gras Board does retain the discretion to award scholarships outside the bi-annual window when circumstances dictate.

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